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West Oakland Sessions Vol​.​2

by Jazz Mafia, Trance Thompson, Choral Syndicate

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To be or not be lesser than...Amazing Ain’t the plan So hear me when I say Get the fuck out the way No disrespect meant But truth has connected It’s my life, and I’m gon’ live it Too proud and fumbled Broken hearted, Crumbled On the floor But no more Call it a stumble Now I’m back on my feet Message clear, be me This is my chance to wake up and dream I won’t let the slings and arrows Turn me away from my brighter days I’ll take arms against a sea of troubles Until I reach what’s there for me Who out there feels like I do? Wondering why do a thousand shocks try to consume you? It’s hard to bear when Wrongs are everywhere Making cowards of us all It just don’t seem fair Maybe I should lay down Let my eyes be weighed down And dream of what’s next But I’ve come too far to stay down Cause there’s no doubt in the end I will win Let me say it again, I will, Yes I will... win Chorus [To die, to sleep no more it seems The end of to be or not to be] [Must I suffer the slings and arrows Take arms against a sea of trouble] [It puzzles our will, makes us bear the ills] I will go, I won’t go [Break] Chorus
Wings By Thompson & Theis Anchored no more Chains cut set free Can't explain my hold on gravity Maybe fear of Falling traps me Nothing ventured means no crashing Shut up shut up Get out your head Get out your way Get to the edge Get to the point Where you embrace the great unknown Go on go on Get out of here Get on your way Get past the fear Get to the thrill Of soaring out there on your own (Gotta) Spread my wings and take to the sky Spread them wide and get high That you dance here Proves you're a star Think of all the tears you've shed so far Well now climb to The highest bough Let slip what's dragging you down Shut up shut up Get out your head Get out your way Get to the edge Get to the point Where you embrace the great unknown Go on go on Get out of here Get on your way Get past the fear Get to the thrill Of soaring out there on your own CHORUS


In the summer of 2019 Jazz Mafia took on yet another ambitious task; to create videos for numerous projects, all recorded in 3 full-day recording sessions with multiple bands per day. We rented a large warehouse in West Oakland, brought our recording studio there and set out to record 2-4 songs from each group, all live, to multitrack audio and high quality video. In 3 days, over a dozen projects were captured; many of those videos have surfaced during our prolific 2020 release schedule . Now these tracks are available in album form.

A frequent vocalist with Jazz Mafia in the past decade has been Trance Thompson. In addition to being a captivating live performer, Trance has grown to be a foundational member of Jazz Mafia over the past 5 years. Trance is a truly unique musician and somewhat of a shaman to many people in many circles.

The songs on this album are a sampling of some of our favorite musical moments collaborating with and featuring Trance Thompson from the past few years. The 10 piece future-funk group often referred to as "Heaviest Feather" anchors most of these tracks and Jazz Mafia's "Choral Syndicate" features a 25 piece Funk-Gospel Choir and 8 piece band that's been performing around the Bay Area and turning heads for about 5 years.

We hope you enjoy the music that we made together during these recording sessions.
- Adam Theis, December 2020


released December 22, 2020

Produced by Adam Theis and Trance Thompson

Trance Thompson - vocals
Shaina Evoniuk - violin
Ross Eustis - trumpet
Tommy Occhiuto - sax
Sophie Powers - trombone
Adam Theis - trombone, bass
Jonathan Seiberlich - sousaphone, trombone
Kyle Athayde - keyboards and trumpet
Matt Wong - keyboards
Chris Paxton - drums
Tym Brown - vocals
Nataly Michelle Wright - vocals
Solas B. Lalgee - vocals
Viveca Hawkins - vocals
Olivia Ruff - vocals
Katy Stephan - vocals
Lyz Larson - trombone
Ben Misterka - guitar
Kevin Wong - keys, synth bass
Henry Plumb - drums

Rashida Chase
Oona Garthwaite
Audio Angel
Brian Matheson
Chris McGee
Erin Honeywell
Nataly Michelle Wright
Alice Moore
Glenda Bates
Allison Paige
Nina Jordan
Carey McCray
Kyle Lemle
Emma Callister
Yvette Pylant
Sophie Powers
Stevie Greenwell
Moorea Dickason
Kyle Athayde
Jonathan Seiberlich
Jesse Brewster
Tym Brown
Callum Grant
Jamie Moore
Joe Bagale
Jeff Strange
Solas B Lalgee


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Jazz Mafia San Francisco, California

Jazz Mafia is a collective of adventurous musicians, composers and producers. Our music, media, and curated experiences fuse elements of joy, mystery, and wonder, intended to make you move and make you think.


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